Commonly referred to as SINOTRUK, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of motor-powered load carriers. Incorporated in 1956, we were formerly known as the Jinan Auto Manufacturing Plant. Our company specializes in the design, development, and distribution of industrial machines such as the excavator, light truck, heavy-duty truck, and other special vehicles. We offer these products in a variety of established brands including HOWOHOWO A7,STEYR, SITRAK, T7H,T5G, HOHAN, HAOYUN,GOLD PRINCE, NEW HUANGHE, etc. Our complete catalogue includes more than 2000 distinct models under categories such as heavy truck, medium truck, light truck, special truck, and passenger car.

SINOTRUK is the sum of numerous affiliated companies including Jinan Truck, Jinan Special Vehicle, Jining Commercial Vehicle, and Jinan Commercial Vehicle. Engine manufacturing falls under the responsibility of subsidiaries such as Jinan Power and Hangzhou Engine. Similarly, axle production is processed by Jinan Axle & Transmission while transmission is handled by Datong Gear and the Jinan Transmission Department.

Our company offers the most complete selection for power and drive modes. Aside from the D10/D12 diesel engine and the T10/T12 gas engine, we also offer MC05, MC07, MC11, and MC13 models. In full compliance with the emission standards between Euro II and Euro V, these MC model engines feature power in the range of 140 and 560 PS. Other premium components include the single reduction axle, wheel reduction axle, 16.5 to 22.5 inch disc brakes, twin countershaft transmission, and the single countershaft transmission with synchronizer. We also supply 10, 12, and 16-level AMT assemblies.

Through countless trials we developed the gold power industrial chain, which consists of the world's most advanced engine, pull-type clutch, transmission, and drive axle. SINOTRUK operates 3 automated vehicle-body stamping lines, 8 cab welding lines, 12 cab coating lines, and 9 vehicle assembly lines. The performance of these highly automated lines is on par with international standards.

As an advocate of independent innovation, we are always seeking to advance the progression of our technology. Our company holds the record number of patents in the domestic auto industry. We possess strong R&D potential — the SINOTRUK Technology Development Center was among the first wave of hi-tech facilities to be designated as a state-level technical center. Our testing laboratories are recognized by the China National Accreditation Committee. We utilize precision testing instruments to maintain strict regulation of all production procedures. Our strength and vibration testing devices are both considered to be state-of-the-art. 

SINOTRUK products are distributed both domestically and overseas. We currently export to more than 90 countries around the world. The Ministry of Commerce and the Chinese Development & Reform Commission have designated us as a "National Production Base Enterprise for Export Vehicles". Other titles and honors that we have received include "National Civilized Unit", "China's Most Trustworthy Enterprise", "Outstanding Innovative Enterprise of China", "National Advanced Primary Party Organization", and more.                                      


 Development Milestone

SINOTRUK is the domestic cradle of the heavy-duty auto industry.

In 1960, we assembled the HUANGEHE JN150 8-ton truck — the first China-made heavy-duty truck.

In 1983, our production process for heavy-duty vehicles was successfully integrated with the manufacturing technology of Steyr, Austria.

In 2007, our company became listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board, in the form of red chips.

In 2009, we founded the National Engineering Research Center for Heavy-duty Trucks. In the same year, we established strategically relevant cooperation with the MAN Group, Germany. MAN owns 25% plus 1 shares of SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. From this mutually beneficial business relationship we derived engine types such as D20, D26, and D08. These engines are applicable for medium and heavy truck axles. The infusion of complete vehicle technology from MAN has provided a solid foundation for the long-term development of our enterprise.


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